Finding the Recipe for Successful Productive Development Policies

Latin America boasts a wealth of creativity and resources. Since the turn of the century, its creative industries—from Argentina to Colombia to Mexico—have been flourishing. However, the region has been getting bad grades in productivity, a key ingredient for development. Its levels of research and development are low. Compared to rich countries, its productivity has […]

Keeping Kids in School

Over the last 25 years, Latin America has ramped up investment in education in a full-fledged effort to reduce poverty and spur economic growth. Today, primary school attendance is nearly universal, with three out of four children finishing primary school on time. At the secondary school level, meanwhile, the rate of on-time graduation has soared […]

Beyond Remittances: Migrants and the Circulation of Brains

Every time the United States approaches an election cycle, migration policies become the subject of heated—if not evidence-based—debate. This year is no exception, as demonstrated by the exchange between immigration opponents and sons of immigrants on the stage of the Republican presidential debate. Discussion of migration typically gravitates to the subject of remittances: migrants send […]

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