Did Education and Job Experience Reduce Inequality in Latin America?

As Joana Silva and I document in a recent book, earnings inequality declined in 16 of the 17 countries in Latin America for which consistent statistics can be calculated, although the intensity and turning points diverged across countries. For example, after a decade of stagnant or slowly increasing inequality, the 90th/10th interquantile range of the […]

Examining the Interplay of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Latin America

A project examining the interaction of monetary and fiscal policies in Latin America deepens our understanding of the region

Latin American countries have wide-ranging experiences with economic policies and macroeconomic outcomes. The social and economic consequences have at times been adverse and dramatic. The Monetary and Fiscal History of Latin America project has produced systematic evidence using comparable datasets from these varied historical experiences to help build a knowledge base for the analysis of impacts […]

IDB Offers MOOC on Macroeconomic Growth and Stability

The Inter-American Development Bank is offering the second edition of its Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the principal problems and challenges of macroeconomic growth and stability in Latin America and the Caribbean. Two new modules in the course focus on the financial sector and productive development policies. Entitled Latin American Macroeconomic Reality, the free, […]

Because Waiting for the Next Boom is Not Enough

Economies grew, millions were lifted from poverty, and social safety nets widened to support a growing share of vulnerable populations. When the United States and Europe experienced sharp downturns during the international financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, some governments in the region were able to increase spending and keep their own economies from slipping […]

Riding the Commodities Roller Coaster in Latin America

Commodity booms and busts are nearly as old as the discovery in Latin America of copper, coal and oil. But after the exhilarating rise of commodity prices during 2004-2012, the most recent descent, with its painful manifestations of contracting economies, fiscal deficits, currency depreciations and inflation, has struck the region particularly hard. But how hard? […]

Have Latin American Countries Become More Competitive?

Over the last two years, Latin America has experienced significant movements in nominal exchange rates. Between June 2014 and October 2015, most of the larger countries in the region  —including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay — saw nominal depreciations of at least 15 percent. The Brazilian Real lost more than 42 percent of […]

Take Obama’s Advice on Climate Change: Droughts Are Hurting Latin America

After his visit to Argentina last week, Barack Obama posted on Facebook a picture of a beautiful landscape in Patagonia where he went trekking along glacial lakes, as an example of what he called “exactly the kind of place we need to protect for our kids, and for their kids.” Climate change is high on […]

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