Putting Latin America and the Caribbean’s 2019 Growth Prospects in Perspective

Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean may lag world growth in 2019

The outlook for the global economy has shifted from a situation of healthy, broad-based growth across the larger economic blocks to a more nuanced view of growth perspectives, with substantial risks clouding the horizons. Considering the 12 months from 2017 Q3 to 2018 Q3,  growth in the United States was 3% but many suggest that this […]

Can Latin American Citizens Change Climate Policy?

Latin Americans enthusiastically backed Pope Francis when in June 2015 he published Laudato Si, his encyclical warning that global warming was “one of the principal challenges facing humanity.” Governments in the region at the time were preparing to play a leading role in the United Nations climate summit later that year in Paris. Ordinary citizens […]

Tougher Sentences: The Key to Fighting Crime in Latin America?

There are probably better ways of fighting crime in Latin America than doling out long prison sentences

Latin America and the Caribbean is in a punitive mood. The penitentiary population doubled in 17 countries to 1.2 million between 2002 and 2014 as a result of tougher sentencing of criminals and could triple to almost 3.4 million people by 2030. Citizens, meanwhile, demand harsher sentences. In Chile, one of the region’s safest countries, […]

IDB Research Department Seeks Research Economist

The Research Department of the IDB is accepting applications from Research Economists

Do you want to combine your analytical skills and research drive with an opportunity to influence policymakers and improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean? The Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is currently accepting applications from research economists with well-developed technical skills, a record of—or prospects of—high quality original research in […]

Greater Efficiency and the Path to a Prosperous Future for Latin America and the Caribbean

If Latin American and the Caribbean is to enjoy a prosperous future, it must become much more efficient

Latin America and the Caribbean has a difficult puzzle to solve. Growing national income is feeding demands for more and better government services.  At the same time, because many governments increased expenditure during the years of the commodity boom and now face less favorable external conditions, they will need to adjust. In a context of […]

Reforming Regulations that Harm Productivity and Worker Welfare

With the right reforms, Latin America could eliminate barriers that harm productivity and worker welfare

An uncomfortable reality lies behind Latin America’s poor growth performance: gains in productivity have been anemic over the last three decades. The costs in long-term GDP growth, as well as higher wages and living standards for Latin America’s people, are steep. Over the last decades most Latin American nations adopted a broad agenda of economic […]

How Latin America Can Be Smarter on Crime

If Latin America is to defeat its crime epidemic, it has to be smarter in its choice of strategies.

Latin America and the Caribbean confronts a paradox when it comes to guaranteeing the lives of its citizens. The region is wracked by organized crime, gangs, and street violence. It suffers a homicide rate (24 per 100,000) that is four times the world’s average and spends a considerable portion of its total budget (5.4%) on […]

Examining the Interplay of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Latin America

A project examining the interaction of monetary and fiscal policies in Latin America deepens our understanding of the region

Latin American countries have wide-ranging experiences with economic policies and macroeconomic outcomes. The social and economic consequences have at times been adverse and dramatic. The Monetary and Fiscal History of Latin America project has produced systematic evidence using comparable datasets from these varied historical experiences to help build a knowledge base for the analysis of impacts […]

To Boost Education, Latin America Needs to Spend More Efficiently

If it is to boost education to the standards of the OECD, Latin America and the Caribbean needs to spend more efficiently

Over the last two decades, Latin America and the Caribbean has made huge efforts to improve education. Investment in the sector has grown from 3.6% to 5.3% of GDP; the percentage of adolescents who finish primary school has reached well over 90%, and results on PISA, the international exam that measures core competencies in mathematics, […]

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