Finding the Recipe for Successful Productive Development Policies

Latin America boasts a wealth of creativity and resources. Since the turn of the century, its creative industries—from Argentina to Colombia to Mexico—have been flourishing. However, the region has been getting bad grades in productivity, a key ingredient for development. Its levels of research and development are low. Compared to rich countries, its productivity has […]

Seating Business and Government at the Table

Businesspeople seek as much as influence as possible over their government’s productive development policies. From many points of view, this makes sense. Company executives experience firsthand the structural problems that prevent them from serving their clients better, accessing new markets and increasing productivity. They know where the information asymmetries lie. If they can help government […]

Five Things Policymakers Need to Know about Entrepreneurship in Latin America:

Entrepreneurship is often seen as a vehicle for upward social mobility, especially for the middle class. Therefore, for decades Latin American countries have strived to support a vigorous middle class, based on the assumption that middle-class values and attitudes are most conducive to investment and innovation. However, an apparent contradiction lies in the fact that […]

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