Can Latin American Citizens Change Climate Policy?

Latin Americans enthusiastically backed Pope Francis when in June 2015 he published Laudato Si, his encyclical warning that global warming was “one of the principal challenges facing humanity.” Governments in the region at the time were preparing to play a leading role in the United Nations climate summit later that year in Paris. Ordinary citizens […]

Boosting Efficiency En Route to Universal Health Coverage

By boosting efficiency in health spending, Latin America could significantly increase its health coverage

Latin America and the Caribbean has made real progress in expanding health services to its citizens over the last two decades, boosting spending, increasing overall life expectancy and contributing to a decline in mortality rates for children under five. But despite those improvements, the region needs to become more efficient to achieve its goal of […]

Send Us Your Research Papers on Crime and Policy

Researchers are invited to send papers on crime and policy

The latest ranking of the world’s deadliest cities continues a sad pattern: the overwhelming majority—43 out of 50—are in Latin America and the Caribbean,  with Los Cabos in Mexico topping the list. Many of the reasons behind this state of affairs are chronic—weak institutions; impunity; poverty; inequality and growing urbanization—all feeding and, at the same […]

Nudging Latin Americans to Healthier, More Prosperous Lives

Nudging is instrumental for the IDB in improving health and well-being for Latin Americans

The year 2017 may be the year behavioral economics found its place in the sun. Fifteen years after behavioral economics pioneer Daniel Kahneman won his Nobel Prize, its principles have been transformed into key policy tools in government, business, and development agencies. The 2017 Nobel Prize to Richard Thaler, one of its principle theoreticians and […]

Severing the Link Between Oil and Conflict

The explosives ignite, the pipeline bursts, and tens of thousands of barrels of oil pour into grasslands and rivers, destroying a vital source of income and large quantities of animals and fish. Frequent attacks on pipelines by leftist rebels over the last 20 years have devastated fragile ecosystems in Colombia and cost the government hundreds […]

Reforming Constitutions: A Pandora’s Box

In March 1990, some 2 million Colombians cast a symbolic vote during elections demanding a new constitution. The vote followed a harrowing year of guerrilla, paramilitary and drug trafficking violence. Three presidential candidates had been assassinated, and many people argued that only a new national charter, creating a more inclusive, representative and decentralized government, could […]

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