China’s Dockless Biking Boom and the Lessons for Latin America

Dockless bikes could solve many problems for Latin America if the regulations are right

They have set off a surge in bike riding, sparked explosive investment, and helped cut air pollution and carbon emissions. But the “dockless” — or stationless — bikes that have transformed China’s cities also have come with significant social and economic costs. As Latin America prepares to embrace them, it would do well to take […]

New National Parks Can Help Latin America Tackle its Drought Problem

millions of hectares in new national parks will help combat deforestation in Latin America

The last few months have been big ones for conservation in Latin America. New and expanded national parks covering millions of hectares have been created, encompassing everything from the towering tepuis and ancient rock art of Colombia’s Amazon to the lowland rivers of the Peruvian Amazon and the temperate rain forests of Chile’s Patagonia. It […]

Can Small Farmers Adapt to Climate Change Shocks?

Small farmers face major challenges in adapting to climate change

When researchers consider the economic costs of climate change, they often estimate models based on historical temperature and economic data. But it can be difficult to account for adaptation. Typically, these models estimate an upper bound of the economic costs of climate change. Future adaptation, it is assumed, will reduce those costs. But adaptation could […]

Modeling Tradeoffs in the Fight Against Climate Change

Mexico was the world’s first developing nation to commit. The rest of Latin America and the Caribbean followed. Taking stock of climate change’s effects on sea rise, extreme weather,  crop failures and disease, the region united at the 2015 United Nations climate summit in Paris to pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lay out […]

Global Warming: Why a Couple Degrees Makes All the Difference

What’s the big fuss over 2 degrees Celsius? That’s the temperature increase to which 195 countries agreed to limit global warming at the 2015 Paris climate talks. And it would seem to be trivial. A 2-degrees-Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) increase from 4.4 to 6.4 Celsius (40-43.6 Fahrenheit), after all, doesn’t have us shedding our Shetland […]

Natural Disasters: How Nations Build Resilience

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which struck Haiti in 2010, killing more than 220,000 people and leaving 1 million homeless, governments and multilateral organizations gathered in New York to pledge an unprecedented $10 billion in emergency aid and long-term reconstruction.   “Our goal is not to rebuild.  It is to build back better,” […]

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