A Walk on the Dark Side: Learning from Corporate Use of Behavioral Economics

The public sector lags the private one in the use of behavioral economics

I recently attended the IlleXBehavior Meeting in Chicago, a gathering of  behavioral and tech consultancies and some of the largest companies in the United States. The meeting focuses on the latest insights from behavioral economics and neuroscience, and I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first. I half-expected the meeting to be a […]

New Research Opportunities at the IDB for Behavioral Economists

Applications open at the IDB for Behavioral Economists

The IDB invites researchers with a keen intellectual interest in behavioral interventions to apply for visiting positions with its recently established IDB Working Group on Behavioral Economics. As the leading multilateral institution for Latin America and the Caribbean, the IDB is looking to build on its experience helping governments use behavioral economics tools to improve […]

Nudging Latin Americans to Healthier, More Prosperous Lives

Nudging is instrumental for the IDB in improving health and well-being for Latin Americans

The year 2017 may be the year behavioral economics found its place in the sun. Fifteen years after behavioral economics pioneer Daniel Kahneman won his Nobel Prize, its principles have been transformed into key policy tools in government, business, and development agencies. The 2017 Nobel Prize to Richard Thaler, one of its principle theoreticians and […]

Behavioral Economics and the Messaging That Works

Behavioral economics shows that the way a message is received can make all the difference

“Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” said the United States’ Benjamin Franklin. And few things are less pleasurably anticipated. But at least when it comes to taxes, the avoidance can make running a government especially hard. Behavioral economics, with its psychological insights into how information can be used to change citizens’ […]

How Nobel Ideas Inspired the IDB

The ideas of Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler inspire IDB interventions in Latin America

Richard Thaler, the University of Chicago professor who fused psychological insights and economics to reveal how biases affect decision-making, was awarded Oct. 8 the 2017 Nobel Prize in economics. The award, which recognizes Thaler’s work in overturning assumptions about economic behavior as rational and demonstrating how people could be “nudged” to make better choices, brings […]

A Simple Nudge is a Better Nudge

What are the best ways to get people to change their behavior for their own, and society’s, good? Seeking to avoid coercion, policymakers increasingly turn to pricing strategies, like “sin taxes” on alcohol or cigarettes. Or they resort to techniques from behavioral economics like “nudges,” which employ peer pressure, moral appeals and suggestive images—such as […]

Rewards Help Tax Payments Become “Contagious”

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31, it’s very common to start going over one’s New Year’s resolutions, like doing more exercise, eating healthier food or giving up bad habits. And it’s equally common to forget those resolutions only a couple weeks later. For that reason, sometimes an incentive needs to be added to […]

Stepping in to Save Women’s and Babies’ Lives

The decision to give birth in one’s village rather than a health facility is often a fatal one for women in Latin America. Too many women die in the time immediately before and after delivery from hemorrhages, hypertension and sepsis, conditions easily treated in a modern health facility. Their babies often die with them or […]

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