IDB Research Department Seeks Research Economist

The Research Department of the IDB is accepting applications from Research Economists

Do you want to combine your analytical skills and research drive with an opportunity to influence policymakers and improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean? The Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is currently accepting applications from research economists with well-developed technical skills, a record of—or prospects of—high quality original research in […]

Mexico: The Elusive Quest for Prosperity

Problematic policies and institutions have led to an elusive quest for prosperity in Mexico

Imagine a country that does everything that development economics says is right: guarantee macroeconomic stability, maintain an open trade regime and invest in physical capital and education. Now imagine, that this this country suffers anemic growth and has done so for over two decades. What in the world could be wrong? This is the agonizing […]

Prestigious Fellowship for Young Researchers Now Accepting Applications

Are you a young researcher looking to expand your professional and personal horizons? The Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank is inviting recent university graduates to apply for its prestigious Research Fellowship Program. Fellows will work side by side with staff economists, providing valuable support while gaining varied experience at a top-level institution. The […]

A Comparative Disadvantage for Latin American Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship in Latin America bears no resemblance to that of other regions: beginning with size—most businesses are micro or small— and ending with motivation—entrepreneurs are what they are more “by necessity” than “by opportunity.” On top of these traits, Latin American entrepreneurs have little appetite for risk and innovation which, together with the limited availability […]

The DIA that Never Ends

Find indicators and information on Latin American and Caribbean countries with a single click Each year, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) presents a rigorous research report on one of the major economic and social challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbeanm called Development in the Americas (DIA). Ordinarily, the life of a book ends when […]

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