Month – January 2018

Nudging Latin Americans to Healthier, More Prosperous Lives

Nudging is instrumental for the IDB in improving health and well-being for Latin Americans

The year 2017 may be the year behavioral economics found its place in the sun. Fifteen years after behavioral economics pioneer Daniel Kahneman won his Nobel Prize, its principles have been transformed into key policy tools in government, business, and development agencies. The 2017 Nobel Prize to Richard Thaler, one of its principle theoreticians and […]

IDB-Columbia Course for Policymakers Opens for Applications

Columbia University and the IDB opens popular course for policymakers

Columbia University and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) are offering the next edition of their popular executive course on macro-financial policymaking in emerging markets from April 23-27 in New York. Open to policymakers from developing world governments, as well as economists working in international financial institutions and investment bankers, the intensive course focuses on the […]

Curing Education’s Ills With Lessons From Medicine

education in Latin America could benefit from more use of the scientific method

Latin America’s educational systems are failing their students. Despite steady advances in enrollment, students in the region perform considerably worse on standardized tests than their counterparts in advanced economies. They even trail students from developing economies with similar levels of development. The problem is not lack of spending. The average country in the region spends […]

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