Month – November 2017

Promoting Competition to Boost Welfare Through Social Programs

Increasing competition in social programs can boost welfare

Since the mid-1990s, governments in Latin America have used conditional cash transfers (CCTs) to reduce poverty, improve health, and boost school enrollment for tens of millions of people. But like any social program that increases income and hence demand, CCTs pose their own risks if they allow for goods and services to be purchased in […]

Latin America: The Story Behind Falling Inequality

Wage inequality has fallen significantly in Latin America since the early 2000s

In the early 1800s, the Prussian scientist and explorer Alexander von Humboldt wandered the streets of Latin America and wrote of his astonishment at the misery and wealth; the “nakedness” and the “luxury”, the “immense inequality of fortune.” Today, that image of inequality endures. The region, along with Sub-Saharan Africa, is the most unequal in […]

Guatemala: The Crisis of Rule of Law and a Weak Party System

A weak party system lies behind many of the problems in Guatemala

In mid-2015, tens of thousands of ordinary Guatemalans poured into the streets to protest against a multimillion-dollar corruption scheme at the highest levels of government and demand reform. By September, key ministers and advisers had been fired. The nation’s president sat in jail. But today, two years after that euphoric demonstration of people power, little […]

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