Month – February 2017

Prestigious Fellowship for Young Researchers Now Accepting Applications

Are you a young researcher looking to expand your professional and personal horizons? The Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank is inviting recent university graduates to apply for its prestigious Research Fellowship Program. Fellows will work side by side with staff economists, providing valuable support while gaining varied experience at a top-level institution. The […]

Can Voucher Schools Improve Education? Ask Chile

After a historically fierce and bruising battle, Betsy DeVos, a proponent of school choice, was confirmed Feb 7. as the education secretary of the United States. Devos’s supporters applauded her backing of charter schools and vouchers for study in private and religious schools. Opponents argued just as passionately that allowing such options would undermine the […]

Searching for a New Macroprudential Framework

The policy of quantitative easing led by advanced economies and the subsequent surge of capital flows to emerging economies (EMEs) after the global financial crisis together with their recent reversal have highlighted the need to tailor a macro approach for EMEs that incorporates financial stability as an explicit policy target. But what should the approach […]

Natural Disaster Insurance: Why Don’t More Countries Have It?

They are whipped by hurricanes, lashed by storms and crippled by earthquakes. A report compiled by the United Nations, taking into account exposure to natural events and a society’s response, found four nations of the region (Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Nicaragua) to be among the world’s 15 nations most at risk from natural […]

Revisiting Policymaking in a Troubled Region

During much of its recent history, Latin America has alternated between policies that are state-controlled and those that are market-centered. It has swung from the import-substitution model of the post war era to the liberalization of the Washington Consensus of the 1990s with a host of lesser variations in areas ranging from industry to trade. […]

Applications Open for the IDB-Columbia Executive Course for Policymakers

Applications are now open for the executive program on macro-financial policymaking in emerging markets, jointly organized by Columbia University and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Policymakers from emerging economies worldwide are welcome to apply to the course that will take place in New York on April 24-28. The IDB will offer tuition waivers to up […]

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