Month – September 2016

Fighting Zika: The Need for Sustained But Flexible Messaging

Over the last year, newspapers and television stations in the Americas have reported hundreds of stories about the Zika epidemic. The media is flooded with news accounts of people suffering from temporary paralysis, infants with brain damage, and the fears the virus has unleashed, especially among pregnant women. Yet despite these accounts—and thousands of warnings […]

Democracy Does Not Cause Growth

Does democracy cause more economic prosperity and growth? This question dates back to Plato and Aristotle’s debate regarding which form of government brings more political and economic gain to society. However, after more than two millennia, there seems to be no clear consensus about whether democracy (in and of itself) delivers more economic growth than […]

IDB Offers MOOC on Macroeconomic Growth and Stability

The Inter-American Development Bank is offering the second edition of its Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the principal problems and challenges of macroeconomic growth and stability in Latin America and the Caribbean. Two new modules in the course focus on the financial sector and productive development policies. Entitled Latin American Macroeconomic Reality, the free, […]

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