Month – February 2016

Seating Business and Government at the Table

Businesspeople seek as much as influence as possible over their government’s productive development policies. From many points of view, this makes sense. Company executives experience firsthand the structural problems that prevent them from serving their clients better, accessing new markets and increasing productivity. They know where the information asymmetries lie. If they can help government […]

The Early Years: A Call for Action

  This article by Ariel Fiszbein was originally published on PREAL Blog. The Inter-American Dialogue has given permission to reproduce the text on the IDB’s blog “Ideas Matter.” To read the original article, click here. By Ariel Fiszbein The Inter-American Development Bank released last week its yearly Development in the Americas report. The Early Years deals with […]

Opportunity: Accepting Applications for Prestigious Research Fellowship

The Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is accepting applications for its Research Fellow Program. The program was created to bolster the department in providing research to other IDB divisions as well as governments, universities and opinion makers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Research fellows work in teams dedicated to issues ranging […]

A Sharp New Light on Political Institutions

How competitive are presidential and legislative elections in Bolivia, France and Afghanistan? What are their electoral rules? How relevant are their political checks and balances across branches of government? In the past, scholars and analysts floundered in the dark trying to answer those questions. They might consult case studies. But the frameworks and methodologies were […]

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