Month – October 2015

External Aid and Government Capacity Building

A recent report by AidData  (summarized in the Washington Post ) shows that Multilateral Banks “exert larger-than-expected agenda-setting influence on the basis of their financial contributions.” That is, institutions such as the IDB and the World Bank influence the setting of the reform agenda and help countries develop policies beyond what their actual financial contributions would suggest. […]

Five Reasons Why Government Should Be Involved in Raising Kids

In recent years, advocates of limited government in both the developed and developing worlds have gained significant traction, arguing that large bureaucracies feed inefficiency and corruption, stifle initiative, and interfere with personal privacy. Yet, there is at least one area (likely more), in which that passion for limited government may well be misplaced: the need […]

Teachers Matter

By: Yyannu Cruz Today, October 5, more than 100 nations are celebrating World Teachers’ Day, honoring skilled teachers for the role they play in building strong minds and prosperous societies. The Inter-American Development Bank joins in that tribute. It applauds the many fine educators that work in Latin America and the Caribbean, commends their commitment […]

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