Month – August 2015

A Climate for Infant Health

Exposure to extremes in weather during childhood and adulthood has increasingly well-known effects. Since those extremes are becoming more frequent, researchers and policymakers are working on ways to ameliorate their effects. But what about the effects of weather extremes on human gestation and infancy? Although the womb provides a degree of protection from the outside […]

Who Decides Social Policy?

Why do bureaucracies get so bloated? Why have efforts to improve education struggled? Why have attempts at administrative reform failed? Such questions confound Latin American nations as they strive to make their social and economic programs more effective. They frustrate donor agencies as they watch their carefully-tailored technical assistance come up short. But they also […]

Beyond Remittances: Migrants and the Circulation of Brains

Every time the United States approaches an election cycle, migration policies become the subject of heated—if not evidence-based—debate. This year is no exception, as demonstrated by the exchange between immigration opponents and sons of immigrants on the stage of the Republican presidential debate. Discussion of migration typically gravitates to the subject of remittances: migrants send […]

The Littlest Victims of Crime

Children are a mother’s— and a country’s— greatest treasure. Yet they too are victims of violence, often indirectly through their mothers. The repercussions of violence against these littlest victims in society are far reaching. Compromising their health and happiness is not only an emotional issue, but an important economic issue as well and was studied […]

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