Month – July 2015

Raising Tax Revenues on a Tight Budget: A Field Experiment in the Pampas

Policymakers may have big plans like extending a highway or starting a new social assistance program. Then again, they may have more modest plans such as meeting payrolls or maintaining existing infrastructure and levels of service. Realizing any of those plans requires a dependable stream of revenue, usually including taxes on individuals’ income and property. […]

Using Technology in Education: How Can We Identify Effective Programs?

By: Elena Arias Ortiz and Julian Cristia  As a follow-up to our blog post regarding raising more awareness about the importance of evaluations, today we’d like to share with you the impact of evaluating the best way to incorporate educational technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean (the region). Governments in the region have implemented a wide […]

Call for Proposals: Private Spending on Skills Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

There is broad consensus that the level and distribution of skills in a country play a key role in determining growth and inequality.  Unfortunately, there is clear evidence pointing to deficient and unequal accumulation of skills in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). What do we know about the payoffs of investing in skills development? […]

2015: A Year to Evaluate

Evidence for the World We Want “Marty McFly: Hey, Doc! Where you goin’ now? Back to the future? Doc: Nope. Already  been  there.” “The future has arrived,” and not in a figurative way; we are living in it, literally, at least for Dr. Emmet and Marty McFly from the sci-fi classic trilogy “Back to the […]

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