Month – March 2015

Latin America´s trade with Korea: moving beyond commodities

Trade and investments between Asia and Latin America have been booming in recent years. But the relationship can become much richer and deeper provided Latin American and Caribbean countries understand how Asian countries share similarities, as well as important differences. Korea provides a compelling example. A new IDB report released ahead of the Bank’s Annual […]

Can Latin America learn from Korea’s economic miracle? and what can Korea learn from Latin America

By Federico Basañes By almost any measure, South Korea is one of the greatest development success stories in recent times. There are many ways to showcase this, including the oft-cited night-time satellite photo comparing North and South Korea, where the North – once its industrial base – is dark compared to a resplendent South. Of […]

House of Cards, Latin American Style

House of Cards returned to Netflix this weekend, along with Kevin Spacey’s Machiavellian politico Frank Underwood, who now holds all the cards as president of the United States. House of Cards transports millions into Washington’s corridors of power, offering a glimpse into the backroom machinations of policymaking. Of course, as the show suggests, any similarities to real events […]

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