Month – February 2015

Five Things Policymakers Need to Know about Entrepreneurship in Latin America:

Entrepreneurship is often seen as a vehicle for upward social mobility, especially for the middle class. Therefore, for decades Latin American countries have strived to support a vigorous middle class, based on the assumption that middle-class values and attitudes are most conducive to investment and innovation. However, an apparent contradiction lies in the fact that […]

Tearing Families Apart for Remittances: Is It Worth It?

In his budget initiative to Congress for FY2016, U.S. President Barack Obama included a request of $15.297 billion to tighten border security and migration policy. In addition, he proposed including in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) budget a $1 billion allocation to support security, governance, and economic development programs for El Salvador, Guatemala, and […]

How to Keep Kids in School

By Marina Bassi and Matias Busso Each year tens of thousands of young Latin Americans drop out of school to take low-skilled jobs. The low-level of graduation, with less than 50% of 24-year-olds having completed secondary school, is not only a stumbling block for individuals destined to lives of menial labor.  It is a drag on the region’s […]

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