Month – December 2014

Can Citizens Act Effectively as Watchdogs?

Governments and international donors have long struggled to ensure accountability in large projects where patronage, inefficiency or outright corruption can lead to misallocation of resources and funds. One innovation has been the creation of community-monitoring initiatives that allow citizens to provide feedback on projects. Proponents believe such social audits not only improve project performance, they […]

The Weakest Link: Government Capabilities in Latin America and the Caribbean

  Among Latin American nations, Chile has achieved rare success in developing strong macroeconomic fundamentals, a transparent regulatory system, and improving in other indicators of economic and social wellbeing. That should come as no surprise. Chile has good policy features and strong government capabilities. Its congress consists largely of well-educated politicians with high levels of […]

A Public Policy Report Card for the Region

Experts often try to identify the “right” policies for enhancing development.  Should public utility companies be in private or public hands? Are pay-as-you-go social security systems more sustainable than fully funded systems? Do industrial policies work? Do capital controls reduce external risks? But experience is a hard tutor. It teaches that the search for a […]

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