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Revisiting AGRICULTURE! Four ways to ensure we don’t lose our whale, Andros!


Written by

by Everette Sweeting & Natalie Bethel

AndrosBannerPhoto by Sandra Davis. Courtesy of Coastal Angler Magazine

On a recent trip to the Islands of Andros, which we previously called Andros Island, but learnt that is actually an archipelago within The Bahamas and not one single land mass, we visited North Andros and saw many sites including: coastlines, farms packing houses and work that is currently under construction for the Bahamas Agricultural, Marine and Science Institute (BAMSI). It’s amazing, how little as Bahamian we are aware of the true potential our country possesses until you visit the Family Islands. We realized that serious educational awareness has to occur.  A group of islands, literally 15 minutes away via a small plane, holds a massive amount of investment potential just waiting to be tapped into.  How do we ensure that the public’s current attention to agriculture translates into achievements for the Islands of Andros? > Read more

Meet the new generation of youth innovators


Written by

by Guest blogger, Jennifer Doherty-Bigara

320px-Le_Penseur_(8327862567)Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Author, Juanedc

Boyan is a 19 year old Dutch, who just invented a viable solution to clean up the ocean from millions of tons of plastic. Thankfully, he is not the only one of the committed young minds at work.

As we look for solutions to tackle climate change, we tend to blame two major groups: governments for their inaction; and the private sector for its lack of initiative. But what if we were to focus on youth’s potential and innovative creativity? There are some interesting stories in effect today, which lead me to think we could start being positive about finding concrete and feasible solutions to the climate problem.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, youth represents 26% of a 600 million population (15-29 years old), and this new generation cares about its environment and building a legacy for the community. Below are some of the innovative youth stories that caught my attention: > Read more

Culture and Development in the Caribbean


Written by

by Elizabeth Rodezno

Spectacular_SunsetPhoto courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Author & User, Barry Haynes

The IDB, through its Cultural Center, each year holds a competition for institutions and organizations in 26 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Out of the 600 proposals received this year, 30 were selected for funding. Each proposal is to contribute to strengthening economic and social development via culture. Read more about the grants program.

In the Caribbean the following institutions were selected:


> Read more

Summer Fun – Internship at the IDB Country Office in T&T


Written by

By Kellisha Wells, Khadija McKay, Safiyya Mohammed and Zachary Subran-Ganesh
(CTT’s 2014 D&I Summer Interns)


The IDB is absolutely the best place anyone could wish to be a summer intern.  The staff was extremely friendly and willing to share their knowledge with us.  The environment made it possible for us to express ourselves without inhibition. They encouraged active participation in the daily operations of the Bank.  We were given the opportunity to attend internal and external meetings which provided us with very valuable insight into the way projects and subsequent development activities are developed and undertaken.

We also had the opportunity to learn Spanish which gave us a chance to expand our skill-set and make ourselves marketable.  It encouraged us to look beyond our local context and consider cultures outside of our own.

The experience overall was very good and we are all very grateful that we were granted this opportunity.

A Story of Change through perseverance


Written by

by Steven Hofwijks

Although Suriname has profited overall from consistent economic growth (averaging around 4.4% since 2008), the fact remains that there are several underserved areas in the country, which do not instantly benefit from all this growth.

Especially the tribal and indigenous communities of the remote interior regions face many challenges, one being the lack of facilitation to develop entrepreneurship. But what the communities lack in facilitation they certainly make up for in perseverance to improve their living conditions. > Read more

Jamaica – Motivating and Empowering their youth


Written by

by Janet Quarrie & Cynthia Hobbs

CuttingTheRibbonIDB Representative in Jamaica and Jamaican Minister of  Youth and Culture unveil plaque for the Clarendon Youth Information Centre/National Youth Service Centre

It was a joyful moment on Friday, May 16, 2014 when the IDB Representative, Therese Turner-Jones and the Minister of Youth and Culture, Honourable Lisa Hanna, cut the ribbon and unveiled the plaque for the Clarendon Youth Information Centre/National Youth Service Centre. Youth sang, children drummed, politicians spoke, and the crowd applauded loudly to the testimonials of young people who have benefited from programs offered by the National Centre for Youth Development and the National Youth Service. > Read more

Lessons from Haiti on Using Sustainable Energy to Increase Access


Written by

by Virginia Snyder and Alice Driver

> Read more

Barbados’ ConSOC Discuss Remedy to Boost Disbursements and a Prescription for On-time Project Execution of IDB Funded Loans


Written by

By Pamala Proverbs

ConSoc Chair Lynette Holder_cropped(Left to right)  Michelle Daniel, IDB, Lynette Holder, Chairman, ConSOC, and Carlyle Brathwaite, ConSOC Member

The IDB’s Barbados Civil Society Consulting Group (ConSOC) recently held a tripartite meeting with representatives of the Government and the IDB.

According to Chairman, of ConSoc Lynette Holder, who is also the CEO of the Barbados Small Business Association, the purpose of the meeting was for the ConSOC members to hear the state of implementation of Barbados’ IDB-funded loans.  Holder said that she was keen to see the ConSOC group achieve some tangible results.  The Barbados ConSOC has therefore planned a year of activities that include reaching out to the wider ConSOC sector, media releases and the conceptualization of a developmental project. > Read more

To Blog or Not to Blog: Time for Reflection and Action?


Written by

by Janet Quarrie

Collage_Jamaica As I grow older, I begin to take a different approach to life.  I ask myself, “Is it necessary to get involved in one activity over another?  What is the objective of doing a particular task? Will it make a difference in someone else’s life? Will it help to solve the myriads of problems facing my Jamaican brothers and sisters?” Working as an Operations Analyst at the IDB has opened my eyes to many of the problems plaguing our society.  Since I am a “feeler”, it sometimes becomes very difficult to deal with some of the challenges and so I try to block my mind and try to become immune to the situations, but I am unable to do so. > Read more

Attraction by attraction


Written by

by Everette Sweeting

Foot VolleyPhoto by AHVIA CAMPBELL, Courtesy of The Nassau Guardian

As the memory of the electrifying inaugural IAAF World Relays fades, there is still a lot we have to be excited about. The news that we have tripled our investment into the games is exactly what the investors and the public want to hear. This means we are making progress in the right direction, but let’s do more. Now it is time for The Bahamas to show what the outcome of the events will lead. In my previous blog I stated capturing and creating niche markets in sports tourism while we continue to make significant splashes in the billion dollar giants such as basketball, football, golf etc. to be successful. > Read more

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