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  • This blog is written by specialists from the Education Division of the Inter-American Development Bank. Its objective is to provide arguments and ideas that will spark debate about how to transform education in Latin America and the Caribbean. This blog is a call to action for the reader. An idea, a project, or a question can make a difference.

    Educating Haiti


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    Posts written by guest authors. This section is open to experts from the public and private sector, academia, and multilateral organizations who want to contribute to the debate.

    Guest Author

    Published posts:

    6 factors to understand innovation at schools

    Date: Aug 26 2016
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    6 open knowledge initiatives that are improving education

    Date: Jun 30 2016
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    “Being an author is full of wonderful moments”

    Date: Mar 31 2016
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    From princesses to superheroes

    Date: Nov 25 2015

    Four keys to undestand where the talent comes from

    Date: Sep 25 2015

    Haiti: Transitioning from private to public education

    Date: Sep 10 2015
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    Jobs have no gender

    Date: Sep 3 2015
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    From queens of the house to owners of the field*

    Date: Aug 31 2015
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    You never forget your first love, especially when it is violent*

    Date: Jul 27 2015
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    And… Why socio-emotional skills?

    Date: Apr 15 2015
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