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    Archive for August, 2016

    6 factors to understand innovation at schools

    By - 26 Aug 2016

    Written by Cristina Aziz Dos Santos and Francisca Petrovich Ursic (Fundación Chile)

    The eyes of Lillian Muñoz, the principal of a school in the town of Talhuan in rural Chile, carefully followed the explanation given by Professor Fox. She was amazed by his experience mobilizing students to address the issue of water quality in New York City through a project-based learning initiative. Inspired, she decided to replicate Mr. Fox’s experience in the form of a challenge in her own school: How to get rid of the dumpster next to their school building? And more importantly, how was she to motivate students to come up with innovative solutions to the problem that incorporated knowledge from all of their subjects? Read more…

    Young Leaders: Education to empower

    By - 11 Aug 2016

    by Rafael Contreras

    When she was only 17 years old, Malala Yousafzai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. By age 15, Liza Yaroshenko was already a renowned activist for the rights of HIV-positive individuals in her native Ukraine. By 22, Camilo Jimenez had founded the ECOPUNTOS initiative to work towards a greener Colombia through recycling. The world is full of countless examples of the huge potential that young people have to be agents of change. After all, if there’s something special about youth is their ability to alter the status quo and spread their messages through media like social network, arts, and sports. However, if their efforts are to be truly maximized, young people must be supported by an education that empowers them and opens up spaces for their active participation.

    Read more…