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    Archive for April, 2016

    “Never stop dreaming, never stop studying”

    By and - 28 Apr 2016

    Written by Elena Arias-Ortiz and João Marcelo Borges

    With the energy of an 18-year old, Valeria Ferreira Moreira wakes up at 5 a.m. everyday to go to the gym. By 8 a.m., she arrives to her office at a real estate firm where she is working her first job. “I am really happy! Before, I had to go my internship in the morning, then I had school in the afternoon followed by my business administration course through the Apprentice Program (Programa Aprendiz). After 12 months, I was promoted to my current position and signed a real contract, which gives me access to formal employment and benefits.”

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    What is the relationship between the education system and an emergency room?

    By - 22 Apr 2016

    Written by Javier Luque

    The New York Times published an article titled “A sea of change in heart attack treatment”  describing a decline of 38% in the death rate from coronary disease among Americans. Surprisingly, this was achieved without new medical discoveries, no new technologies, no payment incentives, and little public notice. The answer: a series of changes in procedures that slashed the time it took to clear a blockage in a patient’s arteries and get blood flowing again. Additionally, the decline was observed  both in elite hospitals and the poorest medical centers. Read more…

    Desks and blackboards: What else do we need?

    By and - 5 Apr 2016

    Written by María Soledad Bos and Alison Elias

    One of the most vivid memories that we have is going back to school at the beginning of every school year to find newly painted classrooms, desks, and blackboards. The library, the computer room, and the science labs all still had that “brand new” smell, ready for us to finally bring them to life. Unfortunately, every year, millions of students in Latin America and the Caribbean go back to school every year to find that their schools not only lack adequate facilities and equipment, but also the most basic services. Read more…