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    Archive for February, 2015

    Preschool: the last opportunity for soft skill development?

    By - 22 Feb 2015


    Tests, tests and more tests.  And still, in many countries all around the world, students do not seem to be making the progress that is desired despite of all of the efforts.  All of these tests try to measure learning outcomes in key subjects such as language, mathematics and science but little attention is paid to the development of character, mindset and other non-technical skills that are key to success, not only in the school setting but later on in life.

    Read more…

    How can we help “unattached” youth transition into the work force?

    By - 12 Feb 2015


    In Latin American and the Caribbean, about 1 in every 5 youth aged 15-24 are neither in school nor in the workforce. This amounts to roughly 25 million young people whose situation is affecting not only their present and future earnings, motivation and self-esteem, but also their society’s economic outlook and well-being! Read more…

    The Greening of Little Ones!

    By - 4 Feb 2015

    Rise Up

    How many shades of green are there?  Mother Nature and Crayola would say thousands.  But the way the climate is changing, we might be coloring some regions in browns.  That’s why we have to protect the global environment.  But who can do such a task?  Well, all those little hands that draw those perfect pictures can also create great outdoor scenes: live ones; ones that move, grow and give back; ones that inspire little artists and keep us moving forward. Read more…