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    Archive for January, 2015

    Can a puppet help children perform to their best?

    By - 24 Jan 2015


    <Ruff, ruff>.    Look at Rocky, he is very nice and he loves to play with children.

    <Ruff, ruff>.  Rocky is hungry, so we are going to give him something to eat, here is his food.   Can you put 5 pieces of kibble in his plate, counting out loud one by one? Mmmm, yummy, he likes this food.

    <Ruff, ruff>.  Rocky wants some more.  This time, can you give him 10 pieces of kibble and count them out loud as you put them in his plate? Mmm, yum yum yum. Rocky is happy, his tummy is full, let’s put him over here to take a nap. Read more…

    New year, new tests

    By - 13 Jan 2015


    By Catalina  Covacevich


     A good way to start 2015 is to think on how student learning looks like in Latin America and the Caribbean? To answer this question, different stakeholders of the education world constantly seek to evaluate student learning outcomes. For example,  national governments want to know how much their students know compared to those of other countries; teachers look to find out what their students know and are capable of doing at the beginning of the school year to plan lessons along the way; national or local governments may want to understand whether a given policy was effective in achieving certain lessons. Of course, evaluations are also useful tools for college admission processes. Read more…