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    Archive for December, 2014

    The art of teaching: reflections on Belize

    By - 23 Dec 2014

    *By Michael Geisen, United States 2008 Best Teacher of the Year

    Nota Consultor

    Belize is a country rich with natural beauty: reefs, beaches, mangroves, savannahs, forests, and the remains of a great Mayan civilization with a population that was once much larger than the population now.  All of these wonderful resources are being used in myriad ways to enrich the lives of Belizeans today, and to develop this small Central American country in the midst of a rapidly changing world.  But the most beautiful and valuable resource I found during my week in Belize was unquestionably its children.

    Read more…

    The “Coffee-Stain Puzzle”

    By - 19 Dec 2014


    I have always found it fascinating to learn about how scientific “discoveries” are made. Scientists have the power of observing the ordinary and seeing the extraordinary. One of my favorite cases comes from an episode I watched some years ago on the Discovery Channel where a Physics professor from the University of Chicago, Sidney Nagel, one morning, as he was pouring himself a cup of coffee, accidentally spilled a drop on his kitchen counter. As he watched it dry he began to wonder why it was that there was always a ring of darker stuff at the outer edge (haven’t we all seen one?) Read more…

    Harvey and Darwin: Two Profiles in Child Development

    By - 12 Dec 2014

    foto daniel y harvey
    In my previous post, I introduced the PRIDI project and the Engle Scale and highlighted some of the really interesting results – like the importance of the nurturing environment for child development – that are emerging from the project. In this post, I talk about some of the more specific findings. Read more…

    3 key ideas on evaluation to improve education quality

    By and - 4 Dec 2014

    Members of the Education Division of the IDB and Education Authorities of Latin America and the Caribbean discuss the institutional architecture of successful Educational Systems at the "Regional Policy Dialogue"

    Members of the Education Division of the IDB and Education Authorities of Latin America and the Caribbean discuss the institutional architecture of successful Education Systems at the “Regional Policy Dialogue”

    Last month we visited The National Institute of Education Studies and Research (INEP) in Brasil and the Secretariat of Education of the State of Ceará to exchange experiences about the use of evaluations as a tool to improve public policies. Given that Ecuador is also producing more and more information about the effectiveness of its education system, it was very rewarding to confirm the value of assessments, which have become increasingly reliable and more relevant for decision-making. Brazil has a history of measuring student learning and, in recent years, it has developed ways at both central and state levels to link the results of student learning to education policy. Read more…