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    Archive for January, 2014

    Beyond the Marshmallow

    By - 30 Jan 2014


    The tale of the marshmallows is well known to educators and policy wonks. During the 60s and 70s, some of the best psychologists of the time conducted a series of research experiments that involved 4 year olds sitting alone in a closed room with nothing more than two marshmallows and a bell on a table. A researcher entered the room and told the kid that he was going to leave her alone for a while. The child could eat both treats when the researcher returned or, if she felt the irresistible urge to eat before then, she had to ring the bell and then could eat one, but not both, of the treats.

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    Next Stop: less inequality

    By - 26 Jan 2014


    So close and so unequal. The differences that are visible when touring Lima on the metro. 

    Cities are unequal. They take in homes of diverse socio-economic backgrounds and varied development opportunities. This has been measured in different ways for more than a century. In fact, Corrado Gini’s article, in which the nowadays famous Gini Coefficient measuring inequality was first introduced, was published in 1912.

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    Leapfrogging quality education through ICT: experiences from Haiti

    By - 13 Jan 2014

    by Augustinus van der Krogt*

    Nota Consultor

    In 2013, I was hired to collaborate with the Haitian Ministry of Education on its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategy and implementation plan. Its purpose was to contribute to expanding access to primary education and improving its quality. Interestingly –very different from many other countries that I have advised – it resulted in a promising strategy that puts education first and builds on already ongoing experiences in the country.

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    It’s time to give back

    By - 13 Jan 2014

    by Katherina Hruskovec*


    “Working in Haiti is very challenging because change cannot happen as quickly as we wish, especially after the earthquake. However, the real joy comes from winning small victories,” admits Education Specialist Anouk Ewald. Although she uses the word “small”, her work as part of the Inter-American Development Bank’s delegation in Haiti has benefited thousands of children and youth in the past four years.

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