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    Archive for June, 2012

    Sharing educational content: Why is it important?

    By - 26 Jun 2012

    By Nadia Mireles

    A few years ago, a professor taught a climate change course, reaching about one hundred students per semester. One day, he thought: “If I could upload this course online, then not only would my 100 students have access to it, but others as well.” So he did. And this is what happened… Read more…

    The Brain on Excercise

    By - 21 Jun 2012

    A flurry of recent articles demonstrates the beneficial relationship between exercise and brainpower. What exercise does for muscles, it seems, it also does for the brain, according to the new research. And the fitter the brain, the better it works.

    The basic explanation, known since the 1930s, goes something like this. Aerobic exercise helps the heart pump more blood to the brain and body; more blood means more oxygen, which leads to better-nourished brain cells and better cognition (Carmichael, 2007). But the underlying relationships remained a complex mystery. Where does it all start? In the brain? Muscles? Or maybe somewhere else? Read more…