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If you enjoy writing and you are interested in gender and education issues, this is your chance to share your vision and opinion through this initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank. The Education Division, through its campaign #Glassesoff seeks to generate awareness about the transmission of gender stereotypes in the education system.

This is your chance to share your ideas! You can write about a successful initiative in educational equity in your country. To participate you just have to let your creativity flow and share with us your winning proposal.

The best posts will be published in the IDB Education Blog.


Requirements for participation

Deadline: September 15, 2015

– The extent of each article may not exceed 700 words.

– Each post may have up to two (2) Authors.

– If the post has been previously published, send the link reference.

– The author(s) must include a brief biography of no more than 100 words.

– Each author may submit up to two proposals to enter the contest.

– The article should be sent in Word format.

– Participants must submit their articles to:

– Selected posts could be edited by the communications team of the IDB Education Blog before publication.


As a guide, we suggest you follow these nine steps to write a great blog post:

  • Begin with an introduction that draws attention and include specific data.
  • Describe the most important argument and then go to the details in paragraphs of similar extension.
  • Explains concepts easily.
  • Avoid abbreviations and technical language.
  • Develop your theme in 600-700 words.
  • Include links to studies, articles and practices you mention in your post.
  • Use the present tense to mark time. Do not use “yesterday”, “tomorrow”, etc.
  • Write in one of the official languages of the Bank and we will translate it to English and/or Spanish.
  • Use a call-to-action to close your article using words such as “share”, “comment” etc.

Winners: The list of winners will be published in the IDB Education Blog.

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