The Greening of Little Ones!

The Greening of Little Ones!

Emma Näslund-Hadley 4 febrero 2015 Comments

How many shades of green are there?  Mother Nature and Crayola would say thousands.  But the way the climate is changing, we might be coloring some regions in browns.  That’s why we have to protect the global environment.  But who can do such a task?  Well, all those little hands that draw those perfect pictures can also create great outdoor scenes: live ones; ones that move, grow and give back; ones that inspire little artists and keep us moving forward.

The IDB believes that climate ‘re’-change starts by educating little ones. And the Rise Up initiative is the key.  With videos, games and fabulously fun resources, teachers will be able to excite their kids to become enthusiastic conservationists transforming their schools into climate friendly places.  They will become aware that small stuff (like cutting off printers or walking to school) means savings.  And they will learn the differences between climate vs. weather as well as the importance of conserving water, minimizing waste and using renewable sources of energy.

Through interactive, hands on activities and visual aids of the Green School Toolkit, teachers prompt students to take ownership and safeguard their world.  These habits transfer from school to home and the community.  In the meantime, kids unknowingly become citizens of a world where every effort leads to more efficient resource use of their schools.

If it’s so fun when they’re little, imagine what they’ll do when they’re big??  Just do the math.  It all adds up!  SO, LET’S TRAIN OUR CHILDREN TO TAKE OVER!  Not only do they need landscapes to draw and smiling faces to paint but by shaping their awareness, they can contribute to healthier food production, improved sanitation and increased productivity.  That’s BIG stuff!  And all because when teachers are equipped with simple tools to set fun learning in motion, amazing things can happen.   Click on the video and see how to spark this movement, give Mama Nature a hug and keep those green crayons in demand!

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