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    Improving the Water Quality of the São Domingos River

    By - 20 de July de 2017, 9:41 am

    By Marcia Maria Silva Casseb

    Catanduva, the capital of Brazil’s ceiling fan industry, is located in the exuberant hinterland of the state of São Paulo and is home to 120,000 people.

    Catanduva is one of the most promising regional economic centers in Northern Sao Paulo, thanks to its bustling service industry and household appliance manufacturing industry. 

    Image: IDB.

    Image: IDB.

    In spite of Catanduva’s booming economy, for decades the city neglected one of its most valuable resources, the São Domingos River.

    The river runs through the city of Catanduva and is part of the region’s most important water basin, the Turvo Grande Basin.

    Until recently, Catanduva poured almost all of its sewage into the river.

    As pollution increased, the vegetation near the banks of the São Domingos River slowly stopped growing. The city urgently needed to find a solution to clean the river and bring it back to life. Read more…

    When Cholera Strikes: A Coordinated Emergency and Longer-Term Response

    By - 13 de October de 2015, 7:00 am

    by Meri Helleranta

    A rapid response and partnerships between the Haitian Government and key institutions, including the IDB, helped to curb the cholera epidemic, decreasing the number of new cases per week from 14,000 in January 2011 to fewer than 1,000 a year later.

    colera haiti cholera

    Image: IDB

    Five years ago, in October 2010, Haiti was hit by a serious  cholera epidemic. Coming only nine months after the traumatic earthquake, the fast-spreading diarrheal disease—with the ability to kill its victims in just 24 hours—prompted panic.  Within a month, there were over 11,000 confirmed cases and 180 casualties, and those numbers were growing exponentially. Read more…

    Bringing Clean Water to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

    By - 19 de March de 2014, 8:55 am

    By Thierry Delaunay

    With the help of local water engineers, Haiti’s water utility (Centre Technique d’Exploitation – CTE) is steadily expanding its connections and customer base, connecting more and more people to clean water.

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    Read more…

    Water by lottery draw?

    By - 25 de February de 2014, 7:00 am

    *By German Sturzenegger y Gastón Gertner

    How random selection of beneficiaries can promote transparency

    A few months ago, together with a team of IDB Specialists and government officials from Bolivia’s Ministry of Environment & Water (MMAYA), we arrived to Sica Sica, a municipality located in La Paz Department, to supervise a random selection of communities through a public draw. The “lottery” would select 12 of 25 eligible communities in the municipality that would benefit from a water and sanitation program (BO-L1065) funded by IDB and the Spanish Cooperation Fund.

    The municipality of Sica Sica, located half-way between the cities of La Paz and Oruro, was the first of twentyone muncipalitites in which a random selection methodology would be applied. Read more…

    If it rains less, will more kids die?

    By - 31 de January de 2013, 12:58 pm

    he impact of rainfall fluctuations

    Just as you can’t use real rain to make movies, it turns out it’s not much good as an instrumental variable either: Read more…