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    This blog highlights effective ideas in the fight against poverty and exclusion, and analyzes the impact of development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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    Drawing on Experience to Improve Natural Disaster Risk Management in Haiti

    By - 29 de August de 2017, 10:00 am

    By Sebastien Gachot, Gines Suarez, Bruno Jaquet and Carmine Paolo de Salvo

    Artibonite river, Haiti. Image: IDB.

    Artibonite river, Haiti. Image: IDB.

    Water is the most essential element to life on earth, yet too much water all at once can have devastating effects. One country very familiar with the destructive force of water is Haiti, which has a particularly high exposure to natural disasters, but very low capacity for natural disaster risk management.

    In 2008, for example, within less than a month, Haiti was hit by three hurricanes and a tropical storm. The damage caused by the resulting floods and erosion was massive: Hurricanes Gustav and Hanna alone caused an estimated US$900 million in damage that year, according to the Haitian government. Read more…

    Sustainability, Bankability, Risks: Insights from the 2017 Global Infrastructure Forum

    By - 15 de June de 2017, 4:28 pm

    2017 Global Infrastructure Forum Plenary

    Presidents and vice-presidents of the organizing MDBs discussed infrastructure challenges during the Opening Plenary of the 2017 Global Infrastructure Forum.

    The annual Global Infrastructure Forum (GI Forum) aims at enhancing the coordination among multilateral development banks (MDBs) and their development partners in the financing and development of infrastructure projects that support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This aim was reflected in the theme of the 2017 GI Forum, “Delivering Inclusive and Sustainable Infrastructure”, jointly organized by the MDBs in close partnership with the United Nations (UN).

    Throughout the forum’s plenary and breakout sessions, three main infrastructure challenges emerged: sustainability, bankability, and risk mitigation. Read more…