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  • Monitoring and evaluation systems work…only if they are used



    In the last few years, demand for public program evaluations has increased in Latin America and the Caribbean.

    This has been accompanied by the design and implementation of reliable and timely monitoring systems, that serve as data source for keeping track of public program implementation and results.

    A good monitoring and evaluation system is not enough, even if it is rigorous, if the information is not fed back into new policy design and public accountability frameworks.

    A good incentive that promotes the use of evaluation and monitoring systems is to publicize good practices by public sector institutions. A good example of this is the annual prizes that National Council for the Evaluation of Social Policy in Mexico ((CONEVAL), which is the entity that regulates and coordinates social policy evaluations in Mexico.

    This past October, for a second year in a row, CONEVAL awarded its good practice prizes in monitoring and evaluation to Mexican public sector institutions.

    These good practices were selected by the Executive Commission in CONEVAL, which includes six renowned academics and an Executive Secretary.

    The selection was based on:

    (i) their relevance to public policy decision making or to operational processes,

    (ii) innovation in the implementation of monitoring and evaluation practices, and

    (iii), evaluation and monitoring institutionalization  in public management: planning, budgeting, implementation and evaluation.

    These are the good examples that were selected this year!

    One Response to “Monitoring and evaluation systems work…only if they are used”

    • This is a good example. Making M&E more interesting/exiting is definitely an issue that is worth the attention not only for the IDB performance but to all stakeholders that need to be/ and to show accountability. Most of us….

      Another way that I am currently experiencing with quite positive results is by “mixing” traditional M&E with Program Communication.

      M&E, in my point of view should not be perceived as an end box, the information it provides may be used in other relevant and preferably external communication efforts, reinforcing not only information but the people behind the work and its contributions. In Mozambique we have develop an Program Observatory that is both a Market Intelligence Tool and a way to share M&E results.

      Well there is much that can be said, make it happened……..

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