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Three ways crowdsourcing is being used to demand government transparency

Corruption remains a serious development challenge for Latin America and the Caribbean. Thus, in an effort to identify innovative ways to promote transparency and combat corruption, the IDB’s Division of Innovation in Citizen Services has partnered with Mexico’s Secretariat of...
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Tres iniciativas que aplican el crowdsourcing para exigir transparencia gubernamental

La corrupción sigue siendo un gran desafío para el desarrollo en América Latina y el Caribe. Por ello, en un esfuerzo de fomentar la innovación en pro de la transparencia y para combatir la corrupción, la División de Innovación para Servicios Ciudadanos del BID se ha asociado con...
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Creating safe cities for women through technology and crowdsourcing

Most women and girls who are victims of abuse do not speak about this issue for many reasons. This low reporting is counterproductive for the process of generating longlasting solutions. In this post, we tell you how an app in India is breaking the silence and visualizing acts...
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