This blog is a forum for reflection on the role of Natural Capital as another measure of the Region’s wealth.

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Contabilidad Capital Natural

Onil Banerjee ,

(English) Natural capital accounting (NCA) broadens our standard measures of economic performance (e.g. GDP) by taking stock of the very foundation of wealth- a nation’s environmental resources. In the last decade, we have witnessed frenetic activity in this space with significant advances in the transdisciplinary science of measuring the environment’s contribution to wealth and well-being as discussed in a previous publication of this blog. While our tools for quantifying natural capital and organizing this information in an accessible way have improved dramatically, it is now apparent that there is a critical need to link NCA with policy making.

Onil Banerjee
Jamie Cotta ,

Los recursos naturales, la biodiversidad y los ecosistemas de la tierra en conjunto conforman el capital natural de nuestro planeta, que es la base …