Prestigious Fellowship for Young Researchers Now Accepting Applications


Are you a young researcher looking to expand your professional and personal horizons? The Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank is inviting recent university graduates to apply for its prestigious Research Fellowship Program. Fellows will work side by side with staff economists, providing valuable support while gaining varied experience at a top-level institution. The […]

Fiscal Transfers in Latin America: Red de Centros Is Calling for Proposals


Red de Centros, a network of nearly 350 research institutes, is calling for proposals for the project Fiscal transfers in Latin America: What are their composition and cyclicality patterns? It involves the composition of fiscal transfers (unemployment insurance, conditional transfers, transfers to decentralized public entities, etc.) and their contribution to counter-cyclical fiscal policy. The deadline […]

Opportunity: Accepting Applications for Prestigious Research Fellowship


The Research Department of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is accepting applications for its Research Fellow Program. The program was created to bolster the department in providing research to other IDB divisions as well as governments, universities and opinion makers throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Research fellows work in teams dedicated to issues ranging […]

What Digital Tools Should an Academic Researcher Use to “Connect” to the Net?


Unbeknownst to many people, academic researchers are subject to constant pressure and competition. From the time a student decides to apply for graduate study, a subtle and permanent state of alert begins to produce relevant publications, gain recognition among peers, increase the number of citations and references, and at the same time succeed, whenever possible, […]

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