Capitalizing on Teacher Satisfaction: Using Tutors to Energize Education

They labor in loud and unruly environments, with demanding and emotional people. They impose discipline constantly, and their wages are notoriously poor. Yet, according to data from a survey of 15 Latin American countries, an average of 98% of primary school teachers say they like their jobs. If this seems surprising, it shouldn’t. Careers that […]

Public Information on Vaccines Can Be a Matter of Life and Death


Public information campaigns are a complex, delicate undertaking. Getting them right is crucial, as undoing the damage of misinformation is very difficult: once perceptions have been formed, it’s very hard to modify behavior. And when it comes to vaccination —an issue that has sparked controversy over the years and became news again this week— the repercussions […]

Interactive Learning: Making it Work in Latin America


Can technology improve education? For most educators, advances in computational capacity and artificial intelligence open the doors to potential revolutions in learning. So do increases in mobile devices and broadband access. Interactive textbooks, using web-based animations and videos, allow students to visually grasp math, science and engineering issues in ways that were unthinkable before. Interactive […]

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