Making Saving a State Policy


Over the last three decades, Chile has led the way in promoting greater national savings in Latin America and the Caribbean. Beginning in the early 1980s with a pension reform that introduced mandatory savings through a system managed by the private sector, the country has implemented numerous measures that have boosted its savings rate. Privatizations […]

The Policy Conundrum in Latin America and the Caribbean: Let’s Revisit the Trade Agenda!


The IDB’s 2016 Macro Report Time to Act outlines the tough policy conundrum facing the region: low growth to 2020, monetary policy—where it exists—limited by higher inflation and many countries being forced into pro-cyclical fiscal adjustment. What can countries do to boost economic activity, lower the risks of a high debt-low growth spiral and defend […]

Because Waiting for the Next Boom is Not Enough


Economies grew, millions were lifted from poverty, and social safety nets widened to support a growing share of vulnerable populations. When the United States and Europe experienced sharp downturns during the international financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, some governments in the region were able to increase spending and keep their own economies from slipping […]

Latin America´s trade with Korea: moving beyond commodities

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Trade and investments between Asia and Latin America have been booming in recent years. But the relationship can become much richer and deeper provided Latin American and Caribbean countries understand how Asian countries share similarities, as well as important differences. Korea provides a compelling example. A new IDB report released ahead of the Bank’s Annual […]

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