Research Opportunity: Call for Visiting Scholars Program


The IDB’s Research Department invites promising young researchers (post-doctorate level) and recognized accredited Scholars to apply for the Visiting Research Scholars Program on Citizen Security and Justice issues. The program addresses the growing demand for expertise to design public policies to prevent and reduce urban crime in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to support […]

Monitoring Corruption in Mexico: The Watchful Eye and the Cracking Whip


Corruption is a widespread problem in Latin America, despite recent progress. Some cases can have high visibility, especially when high-level authorities are involved in multi-million dollar scandals. Other cases stay mostly out of the spotlight, as they involve low-level civil servants who, for example, take bribes to approve a permit. Although they might seem isolated […]

Crime and Violence: An Expensive Problem


The costs of Latin America’s alarming levels of crime and violence go far beyond even the suffering of the direct victims. They have very real economic, as well as social, repercussions. In Uruguay, crime-related costs absorb 3.2 percent of GDP, diverting critical resources from more productive economic priorities. In Mexico, violence increases unemployment, closes businesses, […]

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