Month – December 2016

Fiscal Discipline: Can Constitutions Help?


Recently, there has been renewed interest in incorporating fiscal rules directly into constitutions. In 2012, the signatories of the so-called “Fiscal Compact” in Europe were expected to introduce a balanced budget rule that would  “preferably (have) constitutional provisions.” Those signatories included 25 of the current 28 member states of the European Union, which now have […]

Latin American Constitutions: The Struggle for Pluralism and Stability


Over the last four decades, Latin America has drafted an astounding number of new constitutions relative to most other regions of the world. Between 1978 and 2008, it generated 15 new constitutions and numerous constitutional reforms. Many of these transformations helped governments move beyond an authoritarian past or deepened already existing democratic systems. Some of […]

Latin America and Trump: the IDB’s Chief Economist Identifies Potential Opportunities for the Region


Latin America, like the rest of the world, cautiously awaits the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States. There is great anticipation to see if the president elect fulfills his campaign promises—many of them already played down—and how his government’s policies affect the region. In an interview with the Spanish daily El País, […]

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