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    What happens when students design their own school?

    By and - 15 de September de 2016, 9:49 am

    by María Soledad Bos and Alison Elias

    escuela chile1

    How do you imagine the school of your dreams? What kind of spaces does it have?  These are some of the questions that a group of architects asked students from the Aurelia Rojas school in La Pintana neighborhood of Santiago, Chile. Their answers came in the form of drawings and sketches, right before school renovations began. What do you get when the community is consulted and their needs considered before designing and renovating school spaces?

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    6 factors to understand innovation at schools

    By - 26 de August de 2016, 9:45 am

    Written by Cristina Aziz Dos Santos and Francisca Petrovich Ursic (Fundación Chile)

    The eyes of Lillian Muñoz, the principal of a school in the town of Talhuan in rural Chile, carefully followed the explanation given by Professor Fox. She was amazed by his experience mobilizing students to address the issue of water quality in New York City through a project-based learning initiative. Inspired, she decided to replicate Mr. Fox’s experience in the form of a challenge in her own school: How to get rid of the dumpster next to their school building? And more importantly, how was she to motivate students to come up with innovative solutions to the problem that incorporated knowledge from all of their subjects? Lea más…

    6 open knowledge initiatives that are improving education

    By - 30 de June de 2016, 9:25 am

    by Antonio Moneo
    Knowledge and Learning Sector, IDB


    Bringing down physical barriers. Getting rid of requirements and extra paperwork. Allowing easy access to all the information we generate. These are the pillars of the open knowledge movement, a trend that is rapidly gaining momentum and that soon will become an important engine for the economy of many nations.

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    El Nino and our children in schools

    By - 13 de August de 2015, 6:47 pm

    el niño

    El Nino is coming, El Nino will have a strong impact… These are some the headlines of many newspapers in Latin America and the Caribbean. The media usually discusses whether governments are investing enough to mitigate possible natural disasters caused by El Nino in the short term. Yet, they rarely talk about how this phenomenon can impact child development, and they almost never mention how can this phenomenon or climate, in general, affect educational outcomes.
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