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    Too late to learn?

    By - 22 de September de 2016, 9:59 am

    I recently visited a rural school and in a first grade class I met Miguel, a six-year old. While I was there, his teacher asked him to come to the board to solve a math problem and he began to smile nervously while looking to his classmates, asking for help. His peers tried to give him some hints but they could not help him. At the end of the lesson, Miguel’s teacher explained to me that he was behind in comparison with his peers: they had all attended pre-school but Miguel had just recently started formal schooling. This is a story that we often encounter in classrooms across Latin America and the Caribbean. How can we ensure that children in the region enter school prepared to learn?

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    Playing I Learn: Community preschool education in Honduras

    By - 28 de April de 2015, 1:34 pm

    foto javier kinder

    Jose and friends at CCEPREB

    In the village of Rotepeque in Santa Barbara, Honduras, lives José. José is a five-year old who, in February 2013, began attending kindergarten. He goes to class very happy because he spends time playing. The decision of the family to enroll him was not easy. They wonder if it was important for him to play in kindergarten when he could be  playing at home and, on the other hand, they were affraid for him walking in the mountain for more than 30 minutes. Lea más…