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    Archive for October, 2016

    Looking at teachers with new eyes

    By - 4 Oct 2016

    Hugo Amado Pinto, from Honduras, Franklin Mejia, from Costa Rica, Lorenzo Vargas Díaz from Peru, and Alessandra Bremm, from Brazil, all share something special. They are the winners of awards that recognize teachers that leave their mark on students and become living proof of the effort of many professionals to provide better opportunities for children and school communities. Millions of teachers across Latin America and the Caribbean have a first-row ticket to incredible experiences such as seeing the face of a student who reads her first word, the joy of the child who overcomes a challenge, or the feeling of ease to know that a student is invested in his future. These experiences are priceless! It is not surprising then that a career in teaching is a popular choice among young people in university, with 20% of students in Honduras, Guyana, Barbados, Brazil, Panama and Argentina going on this path. How can public policies support them in their efforts?  Read more…