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  • This blog is written by specialists from the Education Division of the Inter-American Development Bank. Its objective is to provide arguments and ideas that will spark debate about how to transform education in Latin America and the Caribbean. This blog is a call to action for the reader. An idea, a project, or a question can make a difference.

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    Jun 23 2016

    by María Caridad Araujo
    Lead Specialist, Social Protection and Health Division


    Most of you already know it: early childhood programs make for a smart investment. In fact, it is estimated that every dollar invested in early childhood development services, meaning in children who are up to 3 years old, provides a return on investment of 4 to 9 dollars. Now, return of investment is highly dependent on a critical variable: quality. 

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    Jun 9 2016

    by Emiliana Vegas


    It is a paradox. Paris, the city where the historical COP21 agreement was signed, has experienced in the last couple of days the effects of climate change through some of the worst floods in more than 30 years. Rainfall has been such that the Louvre Museum, the most visited in the world,  was forced to close to protect art pieces from the torrential rain that caused the Seine to rise more than 6 meters. The floods were a reminder, for Parisians and for the rest of the world, that global warming is imminent.

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    Jun 3 2016
    Young Barbadians participate sign their contracts for participation in training

    Young Barbadians  sign their contracts for participation in training

    “We needed to reduce the rates of accidents during the transfer of cargo resulting from improper rigging of containers at the Bridgetown Port, the major port of entry in Barbados. By training dockers, operators, and cargo supervisors in appropriate lashing and unlashing, as well as securing cargo according to international standards, we will reduce the damage to cargo (…) and increase productivity” Read more…

    May 23 2016

    Written by: Emiliana Vegas

    Education is a high-priority issue for the Pacific Alliance. The heads of state of the member countries —Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru — have recognized that investing in education is key to consolidate this platform and work toward the development of their economies. With this conviction in mind, a dialogue has been initiated between these nations and the international community to exchange experiences and identity factors that can assure young men and women’s transition from school to the labor market.

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    May 12 2016

    Written by Aimee Verdisco

    On May 15th the world celebrates families. And how not to if they provide security and stability. To cite one of my daughter’s favorite books, Big Words for Little People: “Family is where we all belong. Keeping us safe, making us strong.” And research agrees. When asked in surveys around the world what makes people happy, family and meaningful relationships are at the top of the list. Consistently… Everywhere.

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