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  • This blog is written by specialists from the Education Division of the Inter-American Development Bank. Its objective is to provide arguments and ideas that will spark debate about how to transform education in Latin America and the Caribbean. This blog is a call to action for the reader. An idea, a project, or a question can make a difference.
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    May 19 2015
    a ganar 3

    Summer program at Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic (SJPP), “A Ganar” is used as an alternative entry program for students who failed the institutions entry examination

    Every year, throughout Latin-America and the Caribbean, hundreds of thousands of young people drop out of secondary schools. Most of them do so with limited skills, qualifications and experience to enter today’s competitive job market. Most of them (70% according to A-Ganar) end up “unattached” (outside school and unemployed). A Ganar works with these young  people and through an innovative program, which combines soccer, life skills and  job training, and  helps them become productive citizens and pursue their dreams.

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    May 5 2015

    prodigies and play low

    I’m sure this has happened to you. You’re hanging out with a group of friends and the conversation turns to your kids. Happens all the time, right? One of these friends then starts to monopolize the conversation. He insists that his child is a prodigy, advanced far beyond what average kids of the same age know and can do. One asks: so, how do you know? Among the – at this point, tedious – details, is that fact that his 4-year old is in a class for 5-6 year olds. Oh, we respond, as if it all makes sense. But does it? Read more…

    Apr 28 2015
    foto javier kinder

    Jose and friends at CCEPREB

    In the village of Rotepeque in Santa Barbara, Honduras, lives José. José is a five-year old who, in February 2013, began attending kindergarten. He goes to class very happy because he spends time playing. The decision of the family to enroll him was not easy. They wonder if it was important for him to play in kindergarten when he could be  playing at home and, on the other hand, they were affraid for him walking in the mountain for more than 30 minutes. Read more…

    Apr 15 2015

    By Paula Villaseñor*

    paula 2

    In recent years, socio-emotional skills have become a topic of interest for the education sector, from the skills that are essential for the labor market to the attitudes that become shields of risk behaviors. The truth is that these skills have found more benefits than aloe vera.

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    Apr 8 2015

    There are films that can change your life. Or at least that’s what they say. So, to test this hypothesis in a practical, although slightly unorthodox way, I decided to ask my friends if there were any films that fitted this category. The answer was a resounding yes. Read more…