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  • This blog is written by specialists from the Education Division of the Inter-American Development Bank. Its objective is to provide arguments and ideas that will spark debate about how to transform education in Latin America and the Caribbean. This blog is a call to action for the reader. An idea, a project, or a question can make a difference.
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    Nov 25 2015

    *Written by Arlene Sabaris, selected as the winner of our blog post contest #Glassesoff

    princesas superhéroes

    When I listen to a mother say to her son that a house chore is for “girls”or “it’s your sister’s job,” I think how often mothers and fathers are the first shapers of the character and behavior of children. We blame schools and teachers for our responsibilities and we also complain about the system. When, in reality, everyone should assume their part in this process of improving the indicators of gender equality in our countries. While governments have an important role, it all starts at home with the things we say our children can do, within the limits that we put on their dreams, in the bedtime stories we read to them. Read more…

    Nov 11 2015

    ALAS Winners

    The ALAS-IDB awards were conceived to recognize and share the commitment of individuals and organizations working in the field of early childhood development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The awards are presented by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the ALAS Foundation, which is headed by Shakira, the internationally renowned artist. Awards are given in four categories: educators, centers, publications, and innovations. Read more…

    Oct 26 2015

    foto portada

    Most of us can probably recall that special early childhood book that we insisted our parents, grandparents and caregivers read to us over and over again. That special book that made us fall in love with reading.  For me it was Elsa Beskow’s enchanting The Tale of the Little, Little Old Woman.   Read more…

    Oct 13 2015


    One characteristic  of our times is our faith in the market as a mechanism to allocate goods and services. The drive of competition induces innovation, continuous improvement, and efficient use of resources. All of this, result in advances in productivity. With these arguments, the State reduced its active participation in the markets in recent decades. The results have been positive in many areas. Read more…

    Sep 25 2015

    Written by Rocío Gómez Botero rociogomezbotero@gmail.com Child occupations

    Recently, it has been reopened the debate about whether the outstanding talent is a fixed and inborn characteristic of an individual, or if it can be developed throughout life with the support of education systems. Let’s take a look at some tips to resolve this question. Read more…