Innovating in education: is it all about technology?

Innovation is one of those words we hear everyday. And while we tend to associate it with the world of tech, startups and Silicon Valley’s companies, it is by no means a concept that belongs only in that field. Nor do all the new transformations that have an impact in people’s lives involve technology. In education, for instance, a wide range of innovative projects have emerged to accelerate the closing of learning and skills gap among children and youth in Latin America and the Caribbean. Yet, what really defines the most innovative and successful projects? (más…)

Extended school days: a new opportunity to improve learning

From Chile to Mexico, a wave of change is transforming education systems in Latin America and the Caribbean: double and triple school shifts are slowly disappearing and transitioning into extended school days in public schools. In the early years of modern education, schools started with single, extended school days. This trend was disrupted by the implementation of double shifts (morning and afternoon) that allowed a rapid incorporation of students into the system in response to population growth. However, it is worth asking: what has been the effect on learning? (más…)

6 school management practices to improve learning

My work has taken me to visit schools across Ecuador’s diverse regions: the coast and the Galapagos Islands, the Andes, and the Amazon. In each of these places, schools possess unique characteristics and, in some cases, even different school calendars! When I’m visiting a new school, I always wonder:  what do these schools do to strengthen learning with the resources they have? Moreover, what are some of the best practices that I have seen in these schools that other education systems in Latin America and the Caribbean could implement?  (más…)

How can active communities contribute to improving learning?

Education is perhaps the most effective path toward achieving sustainable development. Ensuring that children and youth acquire the skills and competencies needed to succeed in life requires that they are provided with opportunities to develop the appropriate cognitive and social skills. In this process, fostering positive relationships between schools and communities becomes a necessary condition to initiate and promote transformations in school management. (más…)