5 key achievements in education for Latin America and the Caribbean

A quick glance at the front page of any major newspaper in the region for statistics to begin telling us a story about the reality we live in: how much did the economy grow or shrink, how many people voted for a candidate or how much was invested in a new infrastructure project. When it comes to education, however, neither data nor the reality they reveal are as easy to comprehend. What achievements do we find when we analyze the main education indicators for Latin America and the Caribbean? (más…)

I’m Not Perfect, I’m Pretty

“I need a calculator even for 2+2. I’m not perfect, I’m pretty.”  You could write an entire thesis about that sentence. Sadly, the young woman who tweeted it, has close to 600,000 followers. Even more disheartening, this is merely one of a multitude of similarly negative messages about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) transmitted by girls and young women in Latin America. (más…)

Learning how to learn in your own language

Some mistakes are easy to remember and especially those you make in a language other than your own. Having grown up as a Swedish-speaking Finn, I remember clearly how during one of my first Finnish language classes, I told everyone “I am a ball” instead of “I have a ball”. While my story took place in Finland, my experience could resemble that of millions of children in the region who enter the education system in a language other than their own. How do we ensure that they, too, are given the opportunity to achieve their highest potential? (más…)

Innovating in education: is it all about technology?

Innovation is one of those words we hear everyday. And while we tend to associate it with the world of tech, startups and Silicon Valley’s companies, it is by no means a concept that belongs only in that field. Nor do all the new transformations that have an impact in people’s lives involve technology. In education, for instance, a wide range of innovative projects have emerged to accelerate the closing of learning and skills gap among children and youth in Latin America and the Caribbean. Yet, what really defines the most innovative and successful projects? (más…)