Fashionable to be Dumb


For much of my life, I’ve been obsessed with gender and mathematics. As a kid I loved when my dad made up math games and riddles, challenging me to come up with solutions. But it was clear to me that not all kids and certainly not all girls shared my love for mathematics. Decades later, the aversion for mathematics that I saw among my girlfriends is replicated in new generations. Already in early grades, girls more often dislike math even when they perform on par with boys. When they grow up, they don’t go into mathematics careers as often as their male peers. As a result, we have fewer women in finance, business, and STEM fields such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Precisely the fields where the greatest opportunities are in today’s technology based society.


Ser “tonta” está de moda

Gran parte de mi vida, he estado obsesionada con el tema de género y matemáticas. Cuando era niña, me encantaba cuando mi padre inventaba juegos y acertijos matemáticos y me retaba a resolverlos. Sin embargo, estaba claro que no todos los niños y niñas de mi escuela compartían mi amor por los números. Lamentablemente, décadas después, esa  misma aversión a las matemáticas que vi entre mis amigas de infancia ha seguido replicándose en las nuevas generaciones. (más…)