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María Caridad AraujoMaría Caridad Araujo
Lead Economist in Social Protection
Florencia Lopez BooFlorencia Lopez Boo
Senior Economist in Social Protection
Ferdinando RegaliaFerdinando Regalia
Head of Social Protection and Health Division

Take good care of Santiago (04:06)

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The IDB Division of Social Protection and Health will write in this blog about our everyday learning and international experiences on early childhood development.

We invite you to share with us interesting initiatives that are being implemented in your country to promote such an important area for the development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

We look forward to reading your comments!

Feb 23 2015

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, our posts in the First Steps Blog are less frequent. It is because we’ve moved to a different website. From now on, we’ll be publishing our content in English and Spanish on the same site, right here Read more…

Feb 2 2015

The science of child development tells us that, for early childhood interventions, what matters is “process quality.” Process quality is not concerned with the quality of the facilities where children are given care, or the types of university degrees that their caregivers have. Rather, process quality focuses on how interactions occur in the caregiving setting, and on how curriculum is implemented. Multiple studies show that for children, a rich learning environment is one where they experience interactions that are responsive, warm, sensitive to their perspectives, and plentiful in language. The quality of interactions in the caregiving setting plays a crucial role in allowing young children to explore, learn, and ultimately to reach their potential. Read more…

Jan 26 2015


Inequality is one of the biggest challenges facing Latin America. We’ve discussed this topic several times from different perspectives here on the blog.  Inequality perpetuates poverty and, as the British economist Tony Atkinson says, inequality of income, wealth, or education in one generation leads to inequality of opportunity in the next. Read more…

Jan 19 2015

by Joan Lombardi

young children

From Kampala to Kingston; Delhi to Denver; and São Paulo to Santiago, giving children a strong start in life is critical to not only the growth and development of individuals, but also the growth and development of nations. Read more…

Jan 12 2015

by Hirokazu Yoshikawa

preeschool education

Original photo by Cuna Más

Universal preschool education at 4 should be adopted as a cost-effective way to improve outcomes for all and to reduce childhood inequalities worldwide. Evidence shows large-scale, public preschool programs lead to better education, health, economic and social outcomes for children, families and countries. Read more…