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By Kamau Joseph (@kamauj_868) In a time riddled with uncertainty, how more The main revenue earner and driver of economic growth -the energy sector- has more To understand how effective countries are in fostering private sector growth more


A Big Fat Loss for Trinidad and Tobago

By Ian Ho-a-Shu and Natalie Wegener Carmona It’s no secret that being overweight or obese puts people at higher risk for illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, certain cancers and Type 2 Diabetes[1]. Obesity comes with financial costs at the individ...


Can Universal Public Health Insurance improve Adult Health Status and Labor Supply?

Recent international discussion and consensuses have emerged suggesting that universal public health insurance is a policy with potential to foster health and economic benefits. This has triggered calls for its implementation especially in countries where wide...


“Fat Tax” – A Pause for Concern

A recent proposal for the introduction of a “fat tax” in Barbados has raised the noise level on ...

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Can Private Sector Innovation Provide an Adequate Solution to Haiti’s Poor?

dlo Haiti delivering water to a small shop (Ovive is dlo’s brand) Port Au Prince, Haiti, March 7-1...

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Reimagining the Waiting Room TV

When seated in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, sometimes we’re left scratching our head...

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Zika Virus and the Economic and Human Reproductive Health Implications for the Caribbean

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Negative economic impacts expected if link to brain damage is p...


Targeting, partnerships, and flexibility are building blocks to provide basic services in Haiti

by Winsome Leslie and Ralph Denize It is widely accepted that access to basic services is a key aspe...

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Non-Communicable Disease – don’t let it take you out!

Having recently read an article that presented some damning statistics for Chronic Non-Communicable...


All disabilities are not created equal

by Charmaine Edmonson-Nelson There are disabilities, there are disabilities and then there are disab...